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Richard Anthony Wolf, known as Dick Wolf, is a well-known American TV producer, writer, and creator famous for his work in crime drama series. You are in the right place if you want to know about Dick Wolf’s net worth and life journey. Here you will learn about Dick Wolf, his net worth, age, height, YouTube income, career, biography, etc.

Dick Wolf Net Worth

As of 2023, Dick Wolf’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $600 million and it’s increasing everyday and every second because of his successful crime thriller series like Law & order and others. According to reports, he earned $86 million (approx.) in 2022.

Monthly Income: $120 – $180M

Daily Income: $10- $15M

Dick Wolf net Worth

Dick Wolf Income Sources

Dick Wolf has many sources of income. Some of them are television series production, executive producer roles, merchandise, streaming rights, and more.

Restaurant Chains: Dick Wolf also owned many restaurants known for their elegant ambiance, impeccable service, and delectable cuisine. 

Real Estate: Dick Wolf has also invested very smartly in the Real Estate sector. Which also becomes one of the factors in his net worth.

Dick Wolf Net Worth Yearly

Dick Wolf Net Worth 2023$600 million
Dick Wolf Net Worth 2022$550 million
Dick Wolf Net Worth 2021$480 million

Dick Wolf Bio

Dick Wolf is a well-known American TV producer, writer, and creator famous for his work in crime drama series. His real name is Richard Anthony Wolf. He was born on December 20, 1946, in New York City, USA. Dick Wolf has made a significant mark in TV history.

Dick Wolf attended Saint David’s School. After that, he graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1968. He started his career in Los Angeles, working as a writer for shows like “Hill Street Blues” and “Miami Vice”.

Dick Wolf Net Worth

The “Law & Order” series is his most famous creation, which started in 1990. These shows are unique because they focus on solving crimes and legal proceedings. “Law & Order” became extremely popular and led to many spin-off series, like “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” and “Law & Order: Criminal Intent.”

Dick Wolf has also created other hit TV shows, including “Chicago Fire,” “Chicago P.D.,” “Chicago Med,” and “Chicago Justice.” These are all part of the same fictional world.

Besides his TV work, Dick Wolf is involved in helping others through charity. He’s received many awards for his TV work and is linked with top-quality crime dramas. His influence continues to shape how TV stories are told today.

Dick Wolf Wiki

Full nameRichard Anthony Wolf
Nick NameDick Wolf
Date of birthDecember 20, 1946
Place of birthNew York, United States
Height1.69 m
Dick Wolf Net Worth (approx.)Dick Wolf’s net worth is estimated to be $600 million
ProfessionAmerican Television Producer and Writer
Awards/AchievementsTwo-time Emmy-winning (and thirteen-time Emmy nominated) and Grammy-winning producer and New York Times best-selling author


Dick Wolf was married to Noelle Lippman on June 17, 2006. It’s his third marriage. But they are now separated. He has two children with Noelle. Previously, he was married to Christine Marburg and Susan Scranton. He has five children: Olivia Wolf, Sarina Wolf, Elliot Wolf, Rex Wolf, and Zoe Wolf. 

FatherGeorge Wolf
MotherMarie G. Wolf
Marital StatusSeparated
SpousesNoelle Lippman, Christine Marburg, Susan Scranton
ChildrenOlivia Wolf, Sarina Wolf, Elliot Wolf, Rex Wolf, Zoe Wolf

Dick Wolf Career

Dick Wolf’s started his career as a writer for advertising agencies in New York City. After that, he began writing for television shows such as Hill Street Blues and Miami Vice. In 1990, he created his show “Law & Order“, his most famous show until now under the Law & Order franchise

This show has 20 seasons and 456 episodes, which means he got too much love from the audience, so he started multiple spin-off series: Law & Order: SVU and Law &Order: Criminal Intent. People also believe these spin-off series, as the SVU is in its 23rd season and has over 500 episodes.

Wolf has also produced successful shows such as Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., and Chicago Med. These shows are made under the Chicago franchise, which Dick Wolf also owns. 


  • 2007 Emmy-Outstanding Made for Television Movie: Winner
  • 2010 Grammy-Best Long Form Music Video: Winner
  • 1997 Emmy-Outstanding Drama Series: Winner

Career Highlights:

  • Law & Order (TV-Show, 1990-2010) 
  • Hollywood Walk of Fame (2007) 

Dick Wolf Movies

  • School Ties (1992)
  • Twin Towers (2003)
  • Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee (2007)
  • Naked Singularity (2021)

Dick Wolf TV Shows List

  • Law & Order
  • Law & Order: LA
  • Law & Order: Trial by Jury
  • Law & Order: Criminal Intent
  • Law & Order: UK
  • Law & Order: SVU
  • Law & Order: Division of Field Investigation
  • Special Victims Unit
  • FBI
  • Chicago Justice
  • Chicago P.D.
  • Chicago Med
  • Organized Crime
  • FBI: International
  • New York Undercover
  • Blood & Money
  • Conviction
  • Nightwatch
  • Deadline
  • L.A. Dragnet
  • The Paley Center Salutes
  • Swift Justice
  • Stars Earn Stripes
  • Mann & Machine
  • Christine Cromwell
  • Paris enquêtes criminelles
  • Players
  • Crime & Punishment
  • Gideon Oliver
  • The Paley Center Salutes NBC’s 90th Anniversary

Facts About Dick Wolf

  • Dick Wolf is well known for creating Law & Order franchise.
  • When he was 12, he wrote a detective serial that ran for two years.
  • He is the highest-paid entertainer in 2022.


What is the net worth of Dick Wolf?

Dick Wolf’s net worth is estimated to be $600 Million, as of 2023.

What are the income sources of Dick Wolf?

Dick Wolf has many sources of income. Some are his investments in the real estate sector, Television Series Production, Executive Producer Roles¸ Executive Producer Roles, Merchandising, Streaming Rights, and much more.

How tall is Dick Wolf?

Dick Wolf’s height is 1.93m


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